Little Treasures Childcare

Little Treasures aims to provide children with experiences which encourage competent and confident learners in a safe, supportive and secure environment.

The experiences offered foster creativity and an interest in learning. A high ratio of qualified staff to children, excellent resources and a safe, well maintained environment ensure these aims can be achieved.

We provide Childcare, Kindergarten and Enrichment services to pre school children at our centres.

Nourish your child’s heart and mind, as we develop cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills, so that your child will be a well-rounded person capable of solving problems and adapting to new situations.

Our goal is to provide children with the early foundation and framework to prepare them for the transition to primary school.


Providing Full Day & Half Day Childcare services

For 18 Months to 6 yr olds (Playgroup, Pre-Nur, Nursery, K1 and K2). 

Woodlands BLK749 Hougang BLK926 Woodlands BLK848


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